Please help me regarding on the memory.

Hey guys, several months ago, my system is running all of its 4GB of RAM. Unfortunately recently, I notice some slowness of my system but when I checked the computer, the windows detects 4GB of RAM but 1.96 usable. The max memory in the msconfig is unchecked. I went to the bios and it shows 4096 physical memory. I am now confused. may you guys help me? I was watching while the system boots it shows 4096 MB OK but it shows only SINGLE CHANNEL. <<<< I WONDER!

My system info:

MSI H55 GD-65 (supports dual channel)
Kingston PC-10700 667Mhz 2GB x2 (4GB in two module)
windows 7 Pro 64bit

I want to fix this as soon as possible. I was suspecting it was a faulty ram because it somehow has history of BSOD.
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  1. Make sure you are using the correct slots on the board (refer to your manual) if in the same channel on the board it will run single channel.
  2. The board has color coded slots. Both modules are installed on DIMM1 and DIMM3 (blue slots). I was thinking, to buy a good memory and not only generic.
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