Confused on Avexir or Corsair

Hello guys I'm really confused. I read a lot of forums already about choosing a RAM for my ASRock Z77 Extreme6. So I have that board and it is a double channel board.

I'm a programmer, gamer, heavy video editing and virtual machine user running on the background. My problem is will the Avexir Core Series 4 X 8GB 1600 CL9 (Quad Channel) be able to perform well on my motherboard, or is my computer not going to boot because of channel issues? I want the 32GB so bad :D Funds is not a problem.

Some people say it will be ok but it will run only on dual channel. Some people say it won't boot. However, my concern is that I wish the computer will boot and it will not lag.

Should I stick to the Corsair Dominator Platinum 4 X 4GB 1600 CL9 (Dual Channel) ? OR the Avexir will do fine? :sarcastic:

ASRock Z77 Extreme6

RAM of choice:
A. Corsair Dominator Platinum 4 X 4GB 1600 CL9 (Dual Channel)

B. Avexir Core Series 4 X 8GB 1600 CL9 (Quad Channel)

Which one? Thanks in advance guys. Looking forward to your words of wisdom :hello:
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  1. It is just a kit with 4 modules that will work together in quad channel since your board is dual channel it just going to run in Dual channel. I see no reason why it should not run since it is the right standard and with the required 1.5 volts.
    Corsair's reputation is much better than Avexir's but if it is budget issue for going with 32GB then it is worth taking the chance on the latter.
  2. Ohh I see. Someone told me there could be a RAM burst. :/

    i7 3770K and the ASRock Extreme 6 both reported that it can sustain 32GB of memory. The channels really made me wonder if it's going to work.

    Oh by the way, in our country, that 32GB Avexir is much cheaper than the Corsair.
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    I figured it would be a budget issue and to explain the channels a little better (ram kits) is that it is the same modules that they sell as single but are all selected out of the same batch and guaranteed to work together whether there are 2 (dual channel) 3 (triple channel) or 4 (quad channel). The channels are a function of the CPU/motherboard not the actual Ram module.
  4. So it would work :) Thanks for figuring it out.

    Price of Avexir 32GB is 7100.00 (4 sticks)
    The Corsair 16GB is 8000.00 (2 sticks) or 8200.00 (4 sticks)

    I could either choose one of those I have a budget for it.
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