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I recently finished building my pc, and the OS is running on a SSD. I am having some problems getting my Storage Drive to show up in "My Computer" It is plugged in with sata, and power is reaching it. It seems to show up in the BIOS, but I can't use it once in the OS. My case has hotswap bays and the bay with my storage drive has a red led behind it, while the SSD drive doesn't.

Any suggestions?
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    If your second hard drive show up in bios which mean is pc know your have 2 drive.
    But in windows please right click my computer and click manage.
    The go section where Disk Management.
    If you can see your second hard drive with colored black.
    Please right click and format the hard drive after that you will see in my computer and you can start use that hard drive.
    If you already did this step and still can not use hard drive...
    TT,.TT other Pro user will answer this question sorry.
  2. convert to dynamic disc, or convert to GPT disc?
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