I made a terrible mistake.

Hello, I'm newbie. I know very little about computers but do I love to game. My computer which I bought from best buy http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883220070 (yes, I'm idiot.) isn't working.

The computer was having trouble running the newer games so I updated the graphics card to a Radeon XFX 7850 and my psu wasn't strong enough. So I purchased a RaidMax RX-730SS ATX psu with 730 watts. I installed the psu first and tested it without the new videocard. Everything worked fine. So I removed my previous drivers and stuck the card in and turned it on. But I made a connection mistake. I put the wrong four connector to the graphics card. I needed to use the pci-e connector. I didn't realize this until after I did something very stupid. I flipped that little red switch in the back of the psu to 220 and turned the computer on. Then off and on. Then off and on a few more times. Really stupid. So I realized this fried the motherboard. Now I'm not sure whether I fried the processor, the graphics card and/or the hard drive. So I'm going to test the GC on a friends computer to check that, and I'm going to check the processor and the hard drive but I'm positive I've ruined the motherboard. It won't even beep. I did all the diagnostic tests I could find on the internet. It's gone. So before I make another stupid purchase. Could you guys help find me a good cheap replacement motherboard? I'm running really low on money now that I've spent so much on the psu and the graphics card. Here's the link to the pc I bought which should let you know what to get but I just don't want to mess up again. Thanks a bunch in advance if you can find me something good! I was also thinking of returning the psu and the GC because I think I got ripped off buying those too!
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  1. So sorry to hear about this catastrophie but you may have blown everything with the 220 volts. Maybe not though.

    You could buy a cheap motherboard and hopefully everything else will work too.
  2. that switch has nothing to do with what the power supply SUPPLIES to the parts that are connected to it - it only regulates the INPUT side of the power supply
  3. In general switching the 110/220 switch to 220 on a 110 system will not do any damage(was a good prank in ye old days). Its like trying to use a dead battery, it does not start the car, but does not damage it. feeding 220 in with it set to 110 would be BAD.

    I am not sure what you did, may have damaged the power supply, but any power supply worth its money should have shut off and NOT damaged components.

    You are almost going to have to test all the parts now to see what does work. With any luck the power supply will be all that is damaged.
  4. Most likely you just fried the PSU but could be since it is Raidmax (a brand to be avoided) something else fried as well.
  5. Ohh god, did not see the raidmax part. NEVER buy that again. They have too much bad history. they may be getting better, but that is still a rather old design.

    It does not even list its combined 12 volt rails. that said, It looks close to something in the 550-600(by current non 3.3/5 heavy systems) area, but without actual limits who can be 100% sure.

    What connector did you put on the video card anyway?
  6. Yep that was the BIG mistake!
  7. I tested everything with a friends computers and well... It's all gone. All 4 sticks of ram the hard drive, the CPU and both psu even. I'm gonna have to get a whole new computer :/
  8. Make sure you get a quality PSU! It is the most important component of the system since junk PSU's can kill of other components.
  9. And remember Quality can be more important then Quantity. Most systems will run fine on a quality 500-600 watt unit(or less depending on hardware) with room to spare.
  10. A good quality motherboard and PSU are to two key components that you need to start with. With out those you are not going to have a stable quality build.
  11. Try An Corsair PSU It's Very Effiecient Their Best PSU's Are Their AX Series. It Ranges From 650 Watts - 1200 Watts On 80 Plus Gold With Modular Cables Its Really A Premium Power Supply
  12. P.S I'm Not A Newbie I Just Never Used Forums I Just Build PC's No Forums But Now Im on A Forum
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