Will my pc support GTX 460?

My computer's integrated graphics are killing me, and so I recently purchased a new Nvidia graphics card.

It's an EVGA GeForce GTX 460 SE (1GB). It's superclocked and says it uses PCI Express 2.0. Besides requiring a recommended 450W power supply, I would like to know if my cpu will be able to fully support the card at peak performance without crashing or something. The cpu was part of a bundle deal I got last year -- the hp Pavilion p6597 c-b PC bundle.

The graphics card is on its way to my house, and I would much appreciate it if anyone could enlighten me on what else I might need to upgrade/add-on in order to accommodate the new card. Suggestions?


here's a link I found that displays my comp's specs;rnav
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  1. it says it has an athlon ii x4 640, which is a good cpu. but you wont get the most frame rates compared to like a sandy bridge cpu. those things are monster like.

    if there is room in the case then thats good, but upgrade the power supply to around 550w (that should be good i think) and you should be set.
  2. I googled HP 6597 and it suggested you only have a 250 Watt power supply. A 450 W. PSU is recommended.
    You really need to know what power supply you have, type of motherboard and graphic adaptor slots, CPU and other peripherals to say whether it will work or not.
  3. I have a Phenom II X4 940 on an Asus M4N72-E MoBo w/ an Antec 500 W.PSU. Runs fine with an EVGA 460 SE
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    Nugget is right maybe try look at the 550W PSU for the price difference however i would just settle for 600 Watt slightly better performance to price, you wont have any crashing or such what you might run into is bottlenecking but you will only be able to really address that once everything is put together and running also the AMD chip is very decent so i dont expect you will be running into bottleneck issues with the GRA and CPU.
  5. looking at the specs, you should be able to support that 460 no problem as long as you have an adequate power supply.
  6. Excellent. Thanks to all. I expect the card to be arriving tomorrow so that's when I'll really have to see what's up as far as opening up my computer and making sure I'm not missing anything essential besides the PSU of course (<-- looking at 650w mainly b/c performance to price like Pilk said). Thanks again!
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