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Hey everybody, long time spelunker and first time poster here :hello: Thought I would share my ideas for my first ever build that I'm putting together, going for a decent gaming/general use rig that I will be able to upgrade into Ivy Bridge and PCIe 3.0 when new GPUs start to come out. Feel free to give me any feedback.

Mobo - ASRock Z68 Extreme7 Gen3

CPU - i5 - 2500K (maybe OC'ing) don't know that my needs justify going for i7 but IB upgrade down the road most likely.

Case - Cooler Master HAF X ATX

RAM - G.Skill 16GB (4x4)

GPU - Biggest point of change in the system right now. Presently MSI Twin Frozr III GeForce GTX570 (possible SLI) otherwise going with a 580.

PSU - Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1200W Gold cert.

OS - Windows 7 Pro 64-bit

Storage: SDD - OS and Apps -
HDD - Storage -

Optical - Does it really matter? -

Like I said this is my first ever attempt at a build; might be trying some OC'ing of the CPU (will get an aftermarket CPU fan when that happens) planning to upgrade to IB, maybe do SLI in the long run. Sitting right around the $1900 neighborhood right now, but please critque as I know only this community can.

Look forward to the replies and thanks for the feedback.
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  1. Nice build.

    You could drop your RAM from 16 down to 8 as the performance difference is negligible for gaming.

    The 1200W PSU is overkill unless you are planning to Tri-SLi.

    In my opinion, use the single 570 (I really like that MSI version of the card) and bide your time until the 600 series comes out. Depending on the benchmarks, opt for a second 570 since the prices will inevitably drop or go for the gusto with one of the new cards.
  2. I love your future spec, really not bad at all.
    For CPU cooling my brother recommand Corsair H100 for future OC.
    If your are going to long run with single gpu
    this is good choice but if you looking for sli please don't ^^
    For the optical drive just DVD-RW is fine i guess.
    I had HAF case before... but i really don't like was dust problem.
    If you have little bit more money on it please think about
    this case. they have a dust filter~ ^^ love it.
    This white case are some thing really love to see it all the time.

    However good luck with your future purchase and have nice day~
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