Dual 4gb AMD Radeon 6990 V.s Tri-crossfire AMD Radeon HD 6950

Im Getting/building my Rig as i type this and am stuck between the 2 Radeon 6990s or Tri-Crossfire Radeon 6950s :sweat:

Basically i wanna be running most if not all future releases this year at high res
with max settings.

Im not sure which setup to get for this Rig please help tomshardware I am in need of you guys Great wisdom.


So help me out, vote and please drop a line explaining your reason for choosing one or the other.
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  1. If u have the money to buy that much Graphics power i would just go with HD 6970 2Gb 2 Way Xfire... that'll give u plenty of power for 1080P and be pretty good for eyefinity
  2. thxz 4 your input scoregie but if you had to choose just one of the 2 above which would you go for?
  3. For me i would prefer tri-Fire HD 6950's... But thats because i dislike dual GPU cards
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