Sabertooth X79 - Problem with Marvell SATA Controller

Hello, this is my first post. I have searched up and down and not found a solution.

I am building a system around the Sabertooth X79 mainboard, and I cannot seem to get my Vertex 3 SSD's to recognize on the Marvell 9128 Controller. In fact, I am not even sure the controller is being recognized by the system. I have enabled it in the BIOS, along with the OPROM, but Ctrl-M does nothing during POST, and there is no device for Marvell controller in the device manager. Drives do not show up in Drive XPert in BIOS or Computer Management. I have 4 SSD's, 2 plugged into the Intel SATA3 ports, which work fine. The 2 drives in question work fine in Intel SATA2 ports, but I would like to get them working on the Marvell SATA3 ports (despite the known problems with 9128) because I need as fast of read speeds as possible. Write speeds are not a concern.

Is there something I am missing on how to get these SSDs working? Or the Marvell Controller period? Thanks in advance for any available help. These forums have saved me many a time. :p
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    You may have to use "ide" instead of "achi" in the bios for the marvell controller. I would also load the sata driver off the motherboard cd if it has it. Check the motherboard manual for a chapter on raid. It may be at the back of the manual in the device driver section.
  2. I called Asus and they suspect it is a bad controller. I am going to RMA the board and hope the next one works out of the box. Thanks for the input. =-)
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  4. Marked as solved since Asus told me to RMA it, best answer goes to the only answer, although I had tried those things with no luck. Thanks!
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