New Gaming build, How does it look?

This computer will be for gaming thats about it I mostly want it to run SC2 on Ultra. Will this build do that and Any recommendations would be great. I am on a budget but If I will get a lot more performance I can up the budget some.


Case and Power supply:

Probably going to get this if it is a good deal, if not I am getting the Challenger case. Suggestions for a power supply please.



Video card

Ram: please help?

Wireless Card Please Help?

I will also be getting A HD but am waiting for a good deal. I am getting a basic dvd burner optical drive

Please let me know if there are any other parts you suggest or that I need lol First timer here thanks for your help!!!!
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  1. Case and PSU look to be garbage, but it is very cheap. Getting a quality case and PSU would cost an additional $100-125 at least.

    CPU and Motherboard are good.

    GPU; You should get the GTX 560 ti instead of the standard 560. You should be able to find one around the $230 range

    RAM: Gskill or Corsair vengeance low profile. 2x 4GB 1600 Mhz
  2. Do not go cheap on the PSU. A crappy one could fry all your new components. The case is primarily asthetics so I never spend more than $50 but if you are showing it off you may want a more expensive one.

    Definitely go for the 560 Ti. The EVGA GTX 560 Ti has great reviews and they are my favorite graphics card maker so look into that.

    For RAM, you do not need low profile. G.SKILL makes good RAM and it is pretty cheap. This link is for 8 GB but they make 4 GB and 16 GB in the same series.

    For wifi, Rosewill makes the best adapters and they are very cheap. The number of antennas does not really effect performance so you are probably best with this one.

    For the HD, don't wait for a good deal because it will not come. Buy your HD ASAP because availability is going down and prices are rapidly going up. There has been bad flooding in Thailand where they are all made and prices are not likely to come back down until mid next year. The ones on Newegg are very expensive so you will have to look on Amazon to find normal prices but they will not remain normal for long. The best 1 tb hard drive is the Samsung Spinpoint F3 but I was unable to find it at a reasonable price. This Seagate Barracuda is not bad and has a normal price.

    Everything else looks good and remember to shop around for the best deals. Newegg is having a November sale at the moment with new promo codes every day of the month so if you are not in a rush to buy your parts, wait until a promo code comes up. DO NOT wait on the hard drive though. Buy that this week if possible.
  3. 1. I'm personally down on Asrock because of their chinsy warranty ..... everybody else has 3 or years, they got 2. If they don't have faith in their product, why should I.

    2. GFX Card ..... Suggest the Ti nit the non Ti overclocks to 1000MHz+ ..... I have gotten 8 past that point anyway, only one required a voltage bump.

    Asus has the best cooler but if ya get a good deal on a Gigglebyte or MSI I wouldn't turn my nose away. Be advised, if your EVGA card does not meet the published factory OC'd performance, don't expect them to address anytime soon.

    3. RAM - yes, definitely low profile....well at least if you wat to OC the CPU and use a nice big cooler. The only cooling effect of these big toothy RAM coolers is that they "look cool". While they served a purpose (when they were effective) w/ DDR2, they are absolutely useless on DDR3.
    At more than 2" tall in certain areas the Corsair Vengeance could pose a problem for users like me who use large coolers such as the Scythe Mugen 2. I was able to use the Corsair Vengeance only after I mounted the fan on my cooler on the backside. Size is definitely a concern with heat spreaders of this size and therefore I encourage users to check that they will have enough space under their heatsinks before purchasing the Corsair Vengeance kit.
    The problem I have with the Corsair Vengeance is the same I have with many kits of RAM on the market. Companies insist on putting large coolers on their RAM and it limits the choice in CPU heatsinks that can be used within users system. DDR3 does not require these elaborate coolers with its lower voltages which translate to lower temperatures then RAM saw during the DDR, and DDR2 era. Corsair is correcting this with low profile versions of its Vengeance line but ultimately I would like to see the average size of coolers drop instead of having to look for specific low profile versions of a memory line.

    Wireless Card ....on a desktop ? Run a cable is the best performance bet. When not possible, I use these:
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