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Replace a CPU in a HP computer

I have a 3-yr old HP PC that locked up solid…no response to mouse or keyboard commands. When I tried to reboot I get one long beep about 15 seconds and then a short time later another long 15 sec beep. Nothing on the monitor.

I took the cover off and discovered that the heat sink mounted under the cooling fan was clogged almost solid with dirt, between and on top of all the fins. I cleaned everything out with compressed air and a vac. Started the PC up and it ran fine for about 2 hrs and then locked up again just as before. Now I can’t reboot at all….just get the 15 sec beep at power-up and it just keeps repeating.

I suspect the CPU may be fried. I pulled out the CPU and it is an Intel dual core SLA8Y E2180 socket 775, 65W.

I’m thinking of installing another CPU but not sure I can still buy this CPU. I did find another socket 775 CPU which is also dual core and the same 65W.

Intel Celeron E3400 Wolfdale 2.6GHz LGA 775 65W Dual-Core Desktop Processor BX80571E3400

My question is will this work? The MB is a proprietary design from HP so I can’t check to see what CPU’s are supported. The BIOS is another question as I don’t know what it is and since the computer won’t boot, I can’t even check it. Should I even try and put another CPU in this or just write it off?
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    What's the model number of the HP ??
    Then go Here .. you can probably find the mobo specs.
    And .... HP BIOS Beep Codes

    I can't imagine that the CPU fried after it was cleaned ?
  2. Thats a big help..thanks. It turns out I have a Foxconn MB called Napa. the specs showed all the supported CPU including the one I was thinking about getting....Wolfsdale.

    As far as being fried after I cleaned it I couldn't come up with a reason either except maybe it was damaged and the final boot up pushed it over the edge....who knows? I did notice that the one long continuous beep code indicated a overheat problem with the CPU.
  3. At stock setting and with a properly seated heatsink Intel processors rarely fail from overheating, they have protection against this. The beeps are giving you an error and will tell you exactly what that error is. That's why I told you to look it up on HP's website.
  4. Yes I understand. I'll look it up on Hp's website and hopefully I can pin point the exact problem.
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