Is h61m-ds2 compatible with core 2 duo(45nm) processor

Guys m new at plz excuse me for any mistakes..!!
M planing to buy a new graphics card(HD 7770) which requires pcie 3.1 mobo...i have G31m-s2l mobo which is pcie 1.0!!

My specs
Core 2 duo e7500
kingston 4gb ddr2
G31m-s2l mobo
500gb hdd

So to avoid any pcie 1.0 and 3.0 compatibility issue m buying a new mobo.But doest want to change any other component of my cpu(just the mobo).So is it compatible with this new mobo...Cuz on Gigabyte site its written the mobo is 22nm ready
m really confused n need some answers fast..
so plzz guys help me...
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  1. The h61m is a different socket than the one for core2 duo, which is 775. It won't fit. Get a cheap dual core celeron 530 for the h61. Also be aware that many h61 boards will run ivy bridge cpus such as the 3220, but require a bios flash to work. Be careful to only flash the bios if needed for a new cpu; if you do it wrong, you could end up with a dead motherboard requiring a new bios chip or new board. Pci-e 3.1 only works with ivy bridge cpus on certain boards, such as the z77 models.
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