USB Bandwidth Exceeded?

Hey gang,

I have a bit of an odd problem. My USB Bandwidth seems to become exceeded fairly quickly, my current setup is:

Motherboard: Biostar GF8100 M2+ SE

4 Rear USB Ports
2 Front USB Ports


Rear Port - I have a USB keyboard plugged into a PS/2 Slot via the adapter
Rear Port - A USB Mouse straight into a USB port

Front Port - Microsoft LifeChat 3000 (Only Sometimes connected)
Front Port - Wired 360 Controller (Only sometimes connected)

My dilemma is the bandwidth is exceeded if I use too many devices, but I don't see how this is happening. I will either get the message in Windows or one of the USB ports will fail to function until the device is removed. For example:

Controller/Headset plugged in - One port will cease to function
Controller/External HDD - Functions Correctly
Headset/External HDD - Functions correctly
Headset/Webcam - Sometimes functions, other times bandwidth exceeded

What I am trying to do is simply have both the headset and controller running from the front USB ports without either port shutting off, I am unable to use the rear ports for these devices since I have to access them quite often and the computer is in somewhat of a specific place.

Any ideas on if I could increase my USB Bandwidth or fix this problem?
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  1. It actually sounds like more of a USB Power Delivery failure. It can't draw enough current to support the devices on the front panel.

    You can try getting an extension cable, and use the ports built into the MB on the back.
  2. yup sounds like a power issue. you can have up to five hubs and 32 devices before you run out of address space with usb.
  3. So you're saying I should get a USB hub connected to the back of the PC via the rear USB ports and use them? I'd like to avoid that if possible, is there no way I could fix the front ports?
  4. Actually "fix" it probably not. You would have to replace the cable going to the ports which is not an easy task on most cases. And it is possible an issue with the motherboard header as well.

    Getting something like this would be an alternate route.
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