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Comparable liquid coolers to Corsair's H80?

I've been looking for a maintenance free water cooling solution for my CPU(1155). I've read many reviews of Corsair's H80. Most are good, but most of the complaints are about the noise. It sounds like a legitimate complaint instead of people just nitpicking. Many attribute it to air bubbles in the radiator and the best option is to send it back for a new model.

I just wanted to know, are there any comparable solutions?
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  1. I have an H80. First thing is that the fans that come with this cooler are crap. If you decide to get one then I would highly suggest replacing the fans with Nexus Real Silent 12cm fans (D12SL). Even with the D12SLs this cooler is still a bit loud on the medium/high speed settings. On low the noise is acceptable, but you lose cooling performance. If I had it to do again I would go with a really good air cooler with high quality fans for more quiet performance.
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    To get the best out of the H80 it is best to use the Cougar Fans in a Push Pull config.
    They happen to be the best and most silent fans around for those coolers.... actually the best replacement for the stock fans that have been sent with the Corsair Hydro Series.
    There are 2 types, the DC and the PWM ones...

    Cheap and very very efficient and silent.

    RPM-------------800-1500 RPM------------------1200RPM

    Air Flow--------70.5cfm/119.8cmh max--------60.4 / 102.6 CFM

    Noise Level---17.9dB----------------------------17.7dB

  3. H80 is a great mid range liquid cooler.comparable to high end air coolers(silver arrow and all).stock fans are crap.replace them with good one's and you are good to go.
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