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I traded my pc for another pc which seemed to just be having a simple CMOS battery issue. Ther previous owners powered it off without shutting down and from then on they got a CMOS error on boot up. I put a recycled battery into it from my old laptop. turned it on. was asked to enter in the date time etc. booted back up. Looked like it was going okay, it asked me about starting windows normally safe etc. I choose normally and it went to the windows loading screen. then I walked away for a sec. when I came back it was off. I turned it on and it will act like it's going to load windows then the screen will go black. I noticed when I came back the video card was REALLY hot. So I did let it cool completly before I turned it back on. However I have noticed that everytime I try to boot it up the graphics card fan never it supoosed to? Is this a graphix card issue or anyone know what's going on here?

Any help is appreciated.
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  1. The graphics card fan should be spinning while the computer is on so you have an issue right there.
  2. When I boot my pc up now it is just a black screen. Tried turning my monitor on and off and when I turn back on it says entering power saving mode. So should I start with replacing my graphix card?
  3. I also removed the GeForce DVI/HDMI card and tried plugging into the on board video card and still nothing... black screen. No dos format prompt, flashing curser, f2 f8 nothing. :(

    When I went to replace the battery I noticed the cpu fan was extremely dirty so I cleaned it and put it back on also. Not sure if doing that could have caused this problem.....
  4. I was also thinking...when I took the cpu fan off I didn't unhook the power wire from the motherboard. Could I have generated elcectricity while I was cleaning it(since the fan blades where moving a little while cleaning) and messed up my motherboard?
  5. When you say removed the CPU fan, did you take just the fan off or the entire heatsink (metal part included)?

    Does the motherboard beep when you turn the computer on?
  6. I only took the fan off never messed with the heatsink except to wipe the top of it off before I put the fan back on. I got no where close to the processor. When I turn it on there are no beeps. No display. The fan runs and the lights come on the front but I get nothing. The fan on the graphix card doesn't do anything. I can try to turn it a little manually and it's REAL stiff to turn. Not like the CPU Fan that turns easily. Not sure if video cards are supossed to be stiff on the fan like that.

    Since The last post I have also taken out the card and put it back in. Checked all the wires to make sure they are secure. Took the Ram out and put them back in to make sure they where in all the way. WHen I plug my monitor directly into the on board VGA it does the same thing. Black screen... no beeping etc.
  7. You won't get any beeps unless you have motherboard buzzer (its connected to the motherboard near the front panel cables). So check if you do have one of those connected.

    I think the graphics card isn't running because it has detected that the fan is not spinning (a safety feature to prevent overheating). Or worst case, it didn't do this and the GPU has already fried because of the high temperatures.

    What doesn't make sense is that the onboard graphics didn't work either when you plugged it into that. Sounds stupid, but have you checked that the monitor and its cable work when plugged into a functional computer?
  8. I just plugged the monitor into my laptop and that still works.
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