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Which graphic card should i buy?

mobo-intel DG31PR.
GPU-9500gt ( slighttly overclocked )

which of these card's should i buy for gaming?( i will upgrade my PSU and i will get a new rig ( excluding GPU) a year later. my budget is about 200 to 250 dollars ( though it can be stretched if the performance gain is worthwhile) i dont know the current exchange rate so just take the price as -/+20 dollars of the listed price.
i want to overclock the cards i buy by a large margin and i dont want to bother with aftermarket cooling solutions.)

1.HD 6870.
2.GTX 560 ti twin frozr ii ( 270$)
3.HD 6950 2gb twin frozr iii ( 300$ ( soft- mod to 6970-bios) )
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  1. your is good therefore go with gtx 560 ti but i think you must upgrade your psu as well
  2. I'd build a new rig.
    Those are just a bit too outdated. That RAM is too slow, 226 MHz.
    The CPU will bottleneck those cards you've mentioned.( unless you OC it ).
  3. It will bottleneck for sure.

    No chance for HD 6870, its weaker than both HD 6950 and GTX 560ti.

    If you want More FPS in Games then i'll say go with HD 6950 insted of GTX 560ti.
  4. The HD 6870 might be weaker than the others that are listed, but unless the OP is playing at a little lower resolution sya maybe 1680X1050, then it should be enough. Don't get me wrong, it can do well at 1080p as well, but 6950 and the 560Ti will perform even better.
    But on whole, build a better sysyem.
  5. HD 6870 will do good at 1080p. If OP has given 3 choice and one of them is weaker than other then i wont recomend that one.
  6. Since you're going to rebuild anyway, save your money. Get something like a HD6770, which should run on your PSU. What brand and model is it?
    The HD6770 is a huge step up from your 9500GT, so enjoy that until you rebuild.

    Edit: I would not recommend anything stronger without knowing more about your PSU.
  7. I didn't see that he was going to re-build !
    So sorry !
    But among those cards, as the OP listed, none would do good on that current rig.
    As posted by jtt283, get a HD 6770. But, one question-
    1) What is the model/make of that PSU ?
  8. actually , i am going to get a new PSU with my graphic card , but i dont want to buy one card now and another later when i build my new rig and i just want a temporary boost ( ill probably get bulldozer 8 months after it has been released.).
  9. 1)What's your current PSU company ?
    HD 6770 can provide you with a good temporary boost as of now.
  10. If you want to buy a new PSU along with a GPU, if your budget is $250 you are probably looking at nothing more powerful than a HD6870 in order to spend at least $70 on the PSU (something like a 650W Antec Earthwatts). If you find some good deals, you may fit a GTX560 (non-ti) into that budget; or if you don't anticipate running multiple GPUs even in your new rig (most people don't), then you might find a 500W Earthwatts (or Corsair, or Seasonic) a little bit cheaper.
  11. actually , my budget for my gpu is 290$ (could be stretched in the case of a substantial performance gain ) and i've got 60$ for the psu.
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    Since you've got good budget, I'd suggest you keep the GPU and the PSU for your new build.
    But I doubt the cards are going to be a bottleneck. That RAM too.

    GTX 560 Ti
    HD 6950

  13. Get one of the GPUs that Gman linked; if you play Blizzard games or want PhysX, get the GTX560ti, otherwise get the HD6950.
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  15. thanks guys.
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