System crash with a green scratchy screen

My system crashes with a green scratchy screen after working for some time.
Tried to lower the resolution,there was no problem then.
Had this problem before (repaired and fixed Mobo under warranty)
what could be this?
How much would it cost to fix?

Mobo-Intel D945GCPE
windows 7.
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  1. wether or not it is a problem with your mobo i would highly recommend that you get a new mobo
  2. Thank you seumas for the help,but right now i am looking for an option other than replacing mobo.
    can it be fixed by installing a graphics card?
  3. what card do you have?
  4. right now i havent installled any card.
    from the way of crashing i presume its a trouble with the on board gpu.
    so i thought a quick fix would be installing a grapx card.
    will it be good?
  5. yh try that then get back to me
  6. okay i'll give it a try,mean while any one with the same experience please help me.
    thank you seumas for the quick help.
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