I'm planning to Buy a ATI HD 6670 graphics card....but my mobo has PCI-E-X16(1.0 probably) ... I am upgrading from my the 6670 is PCI-E 2.1...will it work on my mobo?? (My mobo is MSI 945GCM7-MS-7507(v1.X) Mainboard) if so...then will there be any significant gaming performance decrease??? please help...
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  1. You won't get as "much" bandwidth from a 1.0 slot, however it technically should work OK. And since it's only a 6670, it's not pushing too much information for that PCI-E bus anyway ; ) (If you bought a 6970, I'd say otherwise).

    Some people though have reported issues with their 2.1 PCI-E cards working in 1.0 slots. So just keep that in mind.
  2. so...what do you think?? how much fps can be decreased if it's put in the 1.0 slot?? approx. 5%???? or more??
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    You probably won't notice much from a card like the 6670 because it's not even utilizing the full throughput of the 1.0 standard anyway. You most likely won't notice any difference.
  4. ok....that sounds good...! Thank you.. :P
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