I am using an ASUS P8Z77 - V Pro motherboard and I have 2 hard drives, one HDD and one SSD. Both are connected to Asmedia SATA6 ports. The system (win7x64) was booting fine from the SSD (Samsunng 840 Pro 256GB) until I updated the BIOS. Now the SSD does not show as a selectable icon in the boot sequence, but it is listed in the boot sequence menu. The only way I can boot is to go into bios and select the ssd from the bootlist each time i boot.
Doea anyone have an idea how I can get it to show up as an icon again so i can select it as 2nd priority behind the optical device and the HDD as last or no priority? the HDD is not a bootable drive.
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    I think there is an option on the last page of your BIOS where you can choose which the default device for each type of drive is. I had the same problem after a BIOS update on my Asus board, and it took me a bit to figure out.
  2. Looked into it a bit. and the option on my board is under the "Boot" tab.

    If you page down, under the CD/DVD Drive BBS Priorities, should be HDD BBS Priorities. Choose the SSD as the first priority in that menu.
  3. Thank you for your reply.
    I finally solved the problem by selecting the default option in the EZE Mode. I did not realize there were more options in the Boot tab of advanced mode beyond the secure boot option. I never tried to scrool down. That's probably the result of fatigue and being totaly new at buiding computers. This is the first GUI Bios interface I have encontered. It has been a fun experience and not too frustrating for a first timer. Thanks again.
  4. No problem :)
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