Windows 8 bsod cuase by memory?

Again last night at 3am I got random bsod for page_fault usually it is memory management. So manually check all non Microsoft driver with Microsoft driver verifer they passed, I then did all Microsoft driver i blue screened the first time but got in second time but run slow but I would expect that with all Microsoft drivers running at once.

My question is do think safe to assume it is hardware related fault rather then driver? any ideas anybody ? My only thought is maybe slightly fault ram the bsod frequency goes up if set my ram to its defult 1600 instead of 1333 but I do pass 5 passes of memtest and intel burn test fine with my ram 1333 any ideas?
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  1. How many rams u r used . and give system specification.
  2. There can be causes to this, take the memory out and check the voltage required to run the memory stick, plug it back in. then have a check to see if the voltage is set right for the memory set in the bios. If it is under volted you may get Blue screens of death or page fault errors.
    Check that the speed settings in the bios are right also for the memory fitted and at the right speed. also check that the memory timings are right eg 5-5-5-18 for example. sometimes a very small voltage bump of the memory will cure the problem.
  3. MY system spec:

    CPU:i5 3570k @ 4.5 ghz 1.260 volts (lowest for stable overclock on my chip)
    RAM: 8 gig dual channel kit CML8GX3M2A1600C9 (corsair vengence low profile)
    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H latest bios f19G
    GPU: EVGA 670 ftw 2 gig
    Harddrive ssd(boot drive): samsung 830 128gb
    Second hardrive: 160 Gb Samsung drive sata 2

    My rams is currently set to 1.5 volts and xmp profile off at 1333 mhz timings 9-9-9-24 only combition i found stable it suppose to 1600mhz but i can not go higher in slots 1 and 3.

    P.S. i did use windwos 8 upgrade from 7 i am about to do fresh install of windows 8 from usb rather upgrade see help but incase all advice welcome :D
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