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Alright so I lurk below in the classifieds and the experiences sections every now and then, and what I have found is that the sticky down there is useless and that most of the time, someone posting in Hotline / Support sub forum is to say they have a issue, thinking it was where we can give them help...

So to combat this, I would think either rename the section, or else put up a warning screen before they start a thread about how that's not the place to post their issues, and to look else where or expected to be ignored.
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  1. Hi,

    We generally don't like warnings like that as they interfere with the posting process. I would think a sticky might do the trick, but I'm not sure how many people would actually read it.

  2. There is a sticky in the forum, but if you go there and see, most of things are people asking for help...

    hence the special exception to everywhere else is to put up one of these screens prior to starting (not replying)

    or just change the forum name to like Support / Hotline Reviews or something like that nature to make sure ppl understand it.
  3. +1 for the name change.
  4. I think people need to learn to read before learning about computers. The section is entitled "Opinions and Experiences" not "Help my pooter no worky!"

    If that isn't obvious enough to you then maybe you're in the wrong forum, or at least the wrong language forum.
  5. Quote:

    If that isn't obvious enough to you then maybe you're in the wrong forum, or at least the wrong language forum.

    Agreed. However, BoM is only interested in the bandwidth......
  6. Well they get the bandwidth either way.
  7. not much for returning bandwidth tho, I see some that are getting frustrated that no one helps them after some time, not realizing that it is in a completely wrong place

    and I'm gona guess that many don't know about the native lang versions, or they are inactive so they come here, with the help of google translate, they likely see support and think SUPPORT

    or they speak english and typed in "support" with control f and got there as that is the only place with that name in the whole page

    maybe we change that section to Hotline Review and open up a section called "general computer help and support" section right at the top (so control f finds it first) for those that don't even know what the hell is a GPU or a CPU, and prey that someone technical can withstand the place.
  8. Maybe that section need not exist. Does anyone really use it for looking up reviews of hotlines?? I'm sure there's more useful "reviews" around that what's there anyway.
  9. either way, at this time it's more misleading than helpful and i dont think that is too good a thing to have on toms...
  10. Hi , this area that you are talking about is for people to voice there opinions about support from manufacturers correct? I just mentioned the same thing, kinda off topic I must admit... in the new march SBM area. What made me mention this was the choice of the ASrock board. I asked the question if there was an area of Tom's that had review's of Hardware Companies customer service / support and if not could it be possible to start something like that.

    I searched the forum for customer reviews not thinking to search support and I completely overlooked this section at the bottom of the forums.

    My thing is as i said in the SBM discussion which was not prolly the best place to voice this opinion, but some of these companies make great products but, customer service sucks...(i'm talking PC hardware here only)

    I'm seeing quite the trend of ppl especially mainsteam or budget users sacraficeing what could be better preformance for products with better customer service...example many Asus boards beat comparable priced EVGA boards hands down and boards like the ASrock extreme that was well reviewed here beat many boards as was demonstrated in the last SBM i belive it was. EVGA forums in particular, ppl deal with crappy bios's willingly b/c of faith that eventually they will release a better bios than the premature one the boards ship with. THAT's LOYALTY :o ( i was more pleased with the customer service on my 750i ftw mobo than i was all the bios revisions myself )

    Sorry for such a long post but i think this area of the forum was a great attempt that was grossly miss-used and would hate to see it totally killed. So many ppl rely on Newegg for reviews then shop around for best prices...and performance reviews such as covered here is a great resource but i feel is only half of what your paying for bc customer service and support should be equal to that performance.

    It would be great IMO if there was an area of the forum that was soley reviews of Hardware Companies customer service
    I know this is a very respected forum and it commands the attention of these companies. Maybe if a little light was shed on some bad practices some of these manufacturers would improve what we are paying for which is not only performance but good support and them honoring warrenties and of course decent customer service. Yes I want my cake and I would love to eat it too :lol:

    I think a customer review opinion topic could be a very good area if it was split well into catagories ( no other site has it ) maybe even something simple like a ranking system so long winded posters such as myself dont clog it up with complaints. :kaola:

    other than that sorry to butt into your discussion to re-work or kill this area

    any questions or comments please respond either here or send me a message :hello:
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