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Hello Experts,

I am going to replace my exisitng Single Board Computer with Same Board. New Board on the way in shipment. as I am going to retain hard drive. I detailed steps which I believe need to follow. And some que also shown. It will be great if some one can review and have your feedback. I will really appreciate your time.
Steps I belive need to follow.
Have remove all board.
Place new Same board (With all Jumper setting) and connect all exising peripherals.
Power up board and enter in BIOS.( WHat setting I need to change here)
And restart computer.(Will it load OS and all other files automatically)

Also I have floppy disk attached as well. (What changes require in BIOS)
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  1. okay before removing the old motherboard if you have not replaced parts before its good to note the connections so you know how to plug them back in later on
    there should be no jumper setting on the board you have to configure, you will have to plug the audio cable to the motherboard's audio header located on the bottom of the mobo, same goes with plugging the front panel audio, microphone, usb ports to appropriate headers on the motherboard
    when you get it powered on you will go to bios and go to boot order and set your hard drive to be the first device to boot from, you can disable other options to boot from for a faster boot process too.
    the os should load automatically if you are using the exact same motherboad so there will be no driver conflict. if you will be upgrading and changing out the motherboard to something else you will have to do a clean install of windows as the old drivers will conflict with newer physical hardware

    hope this helps
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