HDMI refresh rate issue on an ATI Radeon HD 6310

Hey everybody, I've been having a small issue trying to get my HP Pavilion dm1 notebook connected to a Sanyo TV via HDMI. It connects fine, but when I try to do anything over around 1280x768, the screen's refresh rate reverts to 29/30hz. Not to mention when I go to 1080p, parts of the screen are cut off. I know this can't be my TV because it can handle 1080p at 60hz just fine. So now I'm assuming the problem's being caused by the graphics card. But is it really a configuration issue I can fix with it, or is it just a limitation of the card? I've already updated to the latest drivers and version of Catalyst Control Center, and I still can't really come up with a feasible solution. I haven't tried the VGA port yet, but if that turns out to support 1080p 60hz then is the HDMI really better quality than VGA on my notebook?

Help is greatly appreciated!
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    I would try un-installing, then re-installing the video card drivers. The HDMI port should be working a 60Hz.
  2. Nearly forgot about this, sorry. Tried reinstalling drivers a while back, which didn't do much. I even did a system restore back prior to a driver update which I assumed to be causing the problem, but that didn't fix it either. Now I'm assuming it's just the TV causing the issue, which is strange considering something like a PS3 runs fine at 1080p via HDMI. I might try testing it on my 1080p monitor sometime and see if i get the same issue, if I don't it's probably just a problem with the TV which I don't want to deal with. It could also just be that the drivers are picky in terms of which devices it'll work on.
    Thanks for the help.
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