New mobo for SLI

Hi, I need a new mobo as my current one is abit old now.

My current system is,
Asus P7P55D-E mobo,
i5-760 @3.8,
8GB 1600 ram,
ASUS GTS450 graphics card,
OCZ vertex plus SSD boot drive,
WD blue HDD,
OCZ stealth X stream 2 600watt PSU

im wanting a new mobo so I can run SLI cant do it on current board (prpbably just get a second 450)
as I understand it if I ran Crossfire on this board the second PCI slot would drop to a x4

any ideas for a new mobo would be welcome, thanks
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  1. If I were you, I don't get the new MB for SLI 450. I will get the 560 Ti 448core or any better than 560Ti 448core. Because you pay this for less and get better performances.

    Here is review,5.html

    You will see SLI450=HD5850, and 560 Ti 448core> HD5850. And new MB+ other 450 will cost more than the 560Ti 448core. Thinking about it.,3107-7.html
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