What motherboards support Xeon?


will a z68 motherboard work with the Xeon 1235, with the IGP? i dont care about ECC ram or any "features" server boards offer.

i edit some videos but need a general use computer. my other choice is to get the i5 2500, but im assuming the xeon is better (especially for only $20 more)

i cant afford the i7, and i dont overclock.

if the xeon DOES work with consumer boards, which ones? i need them to use IGP, 1600 ddr3 ram, and generally be stable

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  1. Most consumer boards do not support the Xeon CPUs, as they are geared towards high end workstations and servers. Quickly looking at what Asus offers, none of their Z68 seem to support the Xeons, at least according to the CPU compatibility lists, but one of their P67 models does. You can look at the specs here. Looking at newegg this board is quite expensive, $245. Integrated graphics would also not work with this board so you would have to get a graphics card.

    I would say if you can't afford the i7, you're probably best off getting the i5 on z68. The only boards that support the Xeons are geared more towards workstation use, and they are consequently quite expensive. If you can't afford an i7, I doubt you can afford to drop more than $200 on a motherboard. You can try to use the Xeon on a board that does not list it as a supported CPU, but there is no guarantee that the CPU would work properly with that board.
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