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Hello, i currently am running this card. evga 560ti 2gb with 384 cuda in my asus cg5290 with an upgraded 600w psu. i am unsure if i am running it in a pci express or pci express 2.0 slot. I cannot tell the difference... i am also wondering if would be an upgrade as it is a smaller form factor i dont think my motherboard can sli. and it has 768 CUDA Cores which is twice as much as my 560ti 2gb i did search and i could not seem to find a guide to visually tell pci e from pci e 2.0 also i know the 768 CUDA Cores is pci 3.0 but is backwards compatible..... anyway suggestions would be helpful.

P.S. just ran GPU Z at first it said it was pci 1 x16 but i did a render test via the tool and it says pci-e 2x16@x16 2.0 core clock 822.7mhz memoryy 1002. shader 1645mhz. for some reason my fan speed via msi afterburner or evga precision only reaches a max of 75% fan speed and wont go any higher even if i try to force it. .... sorry for rambling but questions need answered

1. How to visually tell pci-e from pc-ie 2.0
2. would the be an upgrade from my current for benchmark / bottlenecking i am running an i7 920 cpu 2.67ghz but cpuz says its running at 2803 mhz and total of 9216mb DDR3 ram
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  1. It is PCIe 2.0 x16.

    Yes you can run the 650 in that machine and it would definitely be an upgrade. That card won't max the bandwidth of 16 PCIe 2.0 lanes so as long as you stuck with a single GPU you wouldn't have any bottlenecking.
  2. Thanks for the reply!
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    I think 650ti is dwongrade from 560ti, because 650 Ti was designed to replace the GTX 550 Ti and is slower than your GTX 560 Ti.

    Here from anandtech ( for compared 1GB one but they will be same for 2GB one too)
  4. ^ +1 cin19

    560ti is approx. 5-10 percent faster than 650ti in all but one or two benches. 560ti has better memory bandwidth, and is better with direct compute (if direct compute is of any use to you)
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