Hi everybody

I want the RC415T-M2 manual of ECS motherboard, I would install a RAID 5, but now it´s not possible, only 0, 1 or 10 is avaliable.

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  1. Okay, so what is your question?
  2. Unfortunately, RC415T-M2 is a OEM model. We do not have any information for this model. You may need to check with the system brand support for more information.
  3. Ok, thanks!!!!
  4. You really don't need the manual to enable/setup a RAID.

    First, go into the BIOS. Find your SATA mode and change to RAID. Save the settings and then restart the system. This will enable to RAID manager. Upon booting the system, you will see a prompt (Like Press CTRL-I to Configure RAID) that will allow you into the RAID Manager application.

    Set up your desired RAID. Save and restart the system. To set up Windows afterward, make sure you have the RAID drivers (the old press F6 thing) to install and you'll be set.

    Pretty easy and straight forward from there.

    Good luck!
  5. It's not an OEM model. I bought the same motherboard you have. Here is the website of it
    It didn't provide manual. But it provide the drivers and BIOS updates.
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