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Hey all, the order for my Cosmos 2 case finally went thru and I should get it by next Saturday, already ordered a few fans, the cooler master Excalibur 12cm ones at 85cfm

Ordered for 2 side fans, 1 vga fan 1 top exhaust 1 front intake for hdds, since I didn't think about replacing the ones that came with the case.

My question is, should I replace the factory case fans, the one on the back, the other on top...and as well as the retail fans that came with my h80, or leave them as is, noise isn't much of a factor for me, I just want the coolest possible set up while still being on "air".

Or are there other fans that would perform better?

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  1. I have heard Cougar fans perform very well.
  2. Ok, just searched them, 1 of them seems pretty good at 102CFM, sadly I can't buy from newegg since I don't live in the states, and asks me for a US CC, or paypal verified in the US. I'm kind of restricted to Amazon and other shops that accept international CCs. >.<
  3. Ah you live in mexico? i think I remember that from before. What is a website that you buy stuff from?
  4. Nope, Honduras in CA.
    I bought my whole build from Amazon except for one of the video cards, but I can do sites that accept international cards, travel frequently, so I either pick them in the U.S or ship them to my home country =/.
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