Computer not starting up with graphic card HELP URGENT !

I bought an asus p5kpl epu motherboard and when it arrived it worked after reseating my cpu and added fresh thermal paste. Now everything booted up fine. I tried some overclocking settings and some worked and when one didnt the motherboard will reset the settings and boot again but when i tried adding my video card all the fans in my mobo will only spin for a quick second and suddenly stop, when the card is removed everything boots normallly so i tried disabling onboard video and tried the grahic card again and it still didnt work. Now my pc wont turn on with or without the graphic card. Now only the fans are spinning when the card is removed with no dispay from onboard video. I have tried clearing cmos with jumpers, removing battery , reseating processor and adding new thermal paste. Removing all components and putting it back together one by one and still no sign beeps no display ..nothing.
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  1. assuming it all worked before the new motherboard , its probably a faulty motherboard
  2. the old psu i had i thought it was underpowered so i put it in my other pc and it worked fine.....but just to make sure i bought a new omega 650 watt psu for my new system but still no change. What do i do now?
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