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I have a notebook Lenovo G450 with two slots. The max RAM for the notebook is 4GB. I already have 2GB RAM installed at slot #1. I'm planning to upgrade the RAM into 4GB.

The question is which is better between these two options?
1. Add new 2GB RAM at slot #2, so total RAM is 2GB + 2GB = 4GB
2. Replace 2GB RAM from slot #1 with 4GB RAM, so slot #2 is empty.
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    Either will work just as well.

    However, it is always suggested to use MATCHED pairs of RAM. So out of those 2 options getting 1 4GB stick and putting it in slot 1 would be suggested. Either that, or replace the 1 2GB stick you have with a matched set of 2 x 2GB sticks.

    Performance wise, you will see no difference.
  2. 2 + 2 GB gives you a dual channel configuration, which doubles bandwidth. Which is nice, but usually doesn't make as big of a difference as you'd think.
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