Will HDMI on mobo give audio on TV with separate graphics card?

I am looking at purchasing an Asrock Extreme 3 mobo for a build I am doing.


I am installing a separate video card, a Radeon 7850 with HDMI out. I intend to hook it to a television via HDMI. I have read things saying that if your mobo has an HDMI out port then you can connect to the television via HDMI and get HDMI video and audio. Does this only work if you are using an onboard graphics option or does it work if you connect to the graphic card's HDMI also? I'm not real experienced with this but it seems as if, since the graphics card doesn't process sound, it wouldn't transmit audio to the TV.
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  1. It will output video and audio for the hmdi, if you put on hdmi in the mobo it will use the on die gpu and the video signal and audio will be the on die.
    If put on the hdmi of the gfx card it will be the gfx card video and signal.
  2. Nevermind, found the answer myself, AMD does their own drivers to allow the graphics card to transmit audio, you just typicallyhave to install them apparently. All s well.
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