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We have a windows server 2003configured as a terminal server, running RDP 5.2. All remote workers using XP / Vista are able to ptinr to their local printers from the terminal server. Some are USB so the registry keys have been amended to allow this. However, w enow have a windows 7 remote client which cannot print to it's local printer. The registry key used previously does not exist in Windows 7! Please help
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  1. I prepared you a long answer to this and then I read where you said your Vista clients were working correctly... that kinda blew my theory out of the water. My limited experience with terminal services and local printing tells me that it's always easiest to have a terminal server OS and clients who use the same driver model... obviously Windows 7 uses a different driver model than Server 2003... but then again, so does Vista. Could this be a 64/32 bit issue? The 2003 server is 32 bit (I assume) but what are your Windows 7 clients?
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