Crossfire 6990 what cpu speed ?

Hi guys ! i really really need you guys to get my vision clearer lol :P

i have 2 radeon hd 6990 and im wondering if my spu will bottleneck them : (

my rig:

mobo: asus p5e3 deluxe x38 and 45 nm cpu ready
cpu: core 2 extreme 12 MB-45 nm-overclocked at 4ghz
psu: 8o+ 1200w
ram: kingston hyperX 1333mhz 8gb

but seriously my cpu is actually beating the most i7 cpus maybe except the i7 extreme and the most expensive i7 cpus
so i really really hope that is gonna work lol :O :(

please help : (
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  1. I would think that anything over 3 GHz would be able to keep up. You seem to be in fine shape.
  2. 4Ghz Core 2? Should be fine. Is it a quad or dual core though?
  3. its a 4 cores ; )
  4. which extreme one?
  5. Given that whatever Core 2 Quad Extreme you have, running it a 4.0GHz should not bottleneck the HD 6990.
  6. but in dual crossfire 6990 then ? lol :P
  7. Thats why I am wondering what core 2 extreme you have.
  8. You had better read these two articles before you think of using the 2 cards together in one rig...

    Now, that would really make me think about a lot of things.....
    Are the bragging rights worth the work this Quadfire setup will do on a 17'' Monitor?
  9. Oh yeah 7970's were bottlenecked by the 3960x at low resolutions so this might be a complete waste to you if you aren't playing LARGE!
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