Best motherboard for 125$

Good Day every one, I would just like to ask what is the best motherboard that I can get for 125$ or below? This is the most I could spend for a mobo since I've already spent on buying a new PC Chassis, Monitor, and Video Card.

Must be an ATX motherboard not mATX (I am looking for a motherboard that will not look "too small" inside my PC)

Preferably a mobo that supports USB 3.0

I am not looking for an extremely fancy mobo (since i don't and I will never OC at all) I'm just looking for something that will be good enough to support my system and hopefully something that will last for quite some time :P

By the way, here are my current PC Specs:

Intel Core i3-2100
ASUS P8H61-ML E (will be replacing this since one of the RAM Slots won't work anymore, plus I want an ATX mobo, not mATX)
G.Skill Ripjaws X 2x2gb (will be adding another 4gb of ram as well)
Inno3d GTS 250 (will be upgrading to GTX 650 Ti)
FSP Epsilon 600w 80+
Cooler Master K380 PC Chassis
Deep Cool Ice Blade Pro

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thanks :)
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  1. You might like the Intel® DZ77SL-50K

    It is a solid entry level performance board and should go with the other items on your build.
  2. Thanks for your suggestion guys.. The Asrock z77 looks nice.

    The Intel z77 looks good as well, however it isn't available here in the Philippines, and i can't order thru newegg since they don't ship to our country :(
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