Bootmgr is missing, press ctrl+alt+del isn't working.?

I was rebooting my newly built system after installing windows 7 ultra and set it up as a raid with gigabytes smart 6 intel smart response technology (comes with z68xp-ud3 mb) and I had to reboot and now the darn thing is stuck.. None of the controls, buttons or anything is getting me out of this..

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  1. It sounds like the boot record may be corrupt. You might need to see if you can edit it or do a repair from the Windoze CD.
  2. The bios is could set to the wrong hdd if you have more than one hdd.

    This sometimes happens if you are setting up the bios and did a reset or a overclocking setting that failed.

    It might not be set to boot from the raid setup.
  3. boot record is currupt!!! What a pain in the ARSE to fix. Finally got lucky hitting delete and got in the bios, got rid of raid and now im reinstalling windows. Think that should take care of the issue? I think so..

    The question is, do I try to set up the Raid again and give this smart response technology a try or screw it?

    Think I might call gigabyte in the am... dam, in a few hours. I need sleep :)
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    -If the hdd's were formatted and had windows installed as a raid-0 pair. Trying to run one drive without raid-0 or the two drives as non raid drives will mean they wont be formatted to run that way. The drives would be unreadable by themselves.

    -The drives have to run together in raid-0 if they were formatted that way. Each drive will have half of the data since they were running as one drive.

    -You will need to format both drives if you want to run them as separate drives. (quick format should be fine)

    -A bit of speed can be gained if you partition the os drive in half, the first half of a hdd is faster then the second inside part of the platters. The second partition could be used as a slower media/music drive.

    -You could install some games, programs, steam program folder to the second hdd. Since it is a separate hdd
    Windows sometimes needs to read both game/program files and os files at about the same time.

    -I run my systems this way. It is much easier than running raid-0. Also you don't have to worry about having matched drives and more reliable than raid-0. It is also much easier to upgrade a hdd later on by simply downloading the software from the new drive's site, then it copies the old drive to the new one.

    -It works out faster than a single drive, but not as fast as raid-0, a kinda compromise between the two.
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