My brother changed something in bios different boot screen

Hey guys

i changed my clock speed to an additional 15pct, and because i know nothing about overclocking...

I asked my friend to change it back over the phone...

instead he messed with the x11.5 option moving it to x10 instead, i told him to change this back to x11.5 and then just take of the extra 15pct clock speed which he did...

after doing this when i turn on my system, i now get an 'ASROCK logo type screen giving me option to enter bios etc, if i wait it just loads my system like normal

before i didnt get no asrock screen , i just got a black screen , with text showing the hardware thats been detected, like my hardrive etc, then my computer would load...

i dont know if this is even a problem or if its got anything to do with the overclocking ? or if he accidently changed something..anyone have any ideas ?

Graphics Card : 1GB ATI RADEON HD4650
PSU : Corsair 550W 41A on +12V
Proccessor: AMD Phenom 9650 Quad Core 2.3GHz x 4
OS: Windows Vista 32 bit
RAM: 4 Gig ddr2
Motherboard : Asrock K10N78M
Main Optical Drive: 22x Dual Layer DVD +/- Rewriter
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  1. There is no problem
  2. yeah but why has it changed from a black screen detecting my hardware , to an asrock grey screen that does nothing but waits then loads OS
  3. Probably just a 'quiet boot' option where the boot progress and BIOS option are not shown that was turned off.
    Not overclocking related. And not a problem.
    I'd suggest just leaving it as is instead of working BIOS again.
  4. Rhyseee said:
    yeah but why has it changed
    Did you do anything like 'reset to default'?
  5. usually theres an option in the bios to display full screen logo or similar--you disable it if you want to see the

    hardware loading

    my last gigabyte board had this option

    wont do any harm at all if its left as it is
  6. Must ask, why do you have Vista 32 bit? Vista is not good and it would be much better to have Win 7 64bit
  7. it depends on the bios but both mcnumpty and wr2 are correct, he has turned on the boot logo... it wont harm your pc it also sounds like your m8/bro has over clocked your pc. if you dont have sufficient cooling then you may develop problems...

    open bios and load optimized defaults to get your system back to stock performance.
    but you will want to check a few settings b4 you save and quit... make sure hpet(high precision event timer) is set to match your o.s bitrate (32 for 32bit , 64 for 64bit if your using win7 or vista. or turn it off if your using xp)...
    make sure your primary o.s drive is the first boot device. 1s done save and quit. let the dmi update and your set...
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