Audio interference drivng me to the end of my tether.

Hi all, my story starts from well over two years ago. I can't remember how, or why, or what I changed at the time, but I started to get audio interference through my audio interfaces (meaning both headphone and speakers) in my computer. The interference seems to scale with network usage; if I stream a video all I will hear is "shhhhhhhhhhhhh" through the speakers. The interesting thing is, this occurs even when the speakers are turned off or set to another chanel (AUX instead of computer)!!

I bought a soundcard in hopes that all my interference nightmares would go away, but no. The Xonar DX had no difference on the interference. I then bought a new computer case with better cable management so I could ensure that the front jacks were no where near the components. I then ensured that my lan cable was pulled off to the right when my audio cables are going to the left to ensure they aren't near each other. All to no avail.

The only idea I got left is to buy a network card...But the reason why I thought that might work is the same reason I bought a soundcard...It'll move the output of sound and the input of networking a couple of slots away...So I'm not sure that will even work (my sound card has been removed now...That stopped working which is another nightmare I've got to sort out).

Is there anyone out there that has shared my pain and have managed to conquer interference?! I will add that I had a sony surround sound system a while ago, that had the same interference but it wasn't that bad, that eventually blew (I liked using it loud...) and I replaced it with a cheap "Auna" (I've never heard of them either) setup, the interference problems greatened...So could a better quality speaker setup help reduce my problems? I was thinking of saving for a logitech Z523 or Z623 2.1 sound setup...But I'll only do that if I'm certain it will greatly reduce or all together stop my interference problems...

The interference is the most irritating sound in the world, I'd much rather listen to the dialup sound all day. I can't just have some music on nice and low volume because the interference overcomes it.

Any input is appreciated, I'm really clueless to what I could do to stop or reduce it.
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