Build for Starcraft 2 600-750

approximate Purchase Date: 12 November 2011

Budget Range:600-700 before rebates

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Starcraft 2 at low graphics but ultra or high textures

Parts Not Required:Mouse,keyboard.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: newegg :)

Country of Origin: United States

Parts Preferences: N/A

Overclocking: maybe in the future. not needed at all right now.

SLI or Crossfire:No :D

Monitor Resolution:1600 x 900 or should i buy other monitor :(?

Additional Comments: i would like to play starcraft 2 smoothly 1vs1, while listening to music, i would like to stream, but if more money is required, then NO. Also, i don't want drop in FPS during game :(. I don't want to play it on ultra, i just want to play 1vs1 without problems...

somebody did this build for me, but many people are telling me that this build won't work for me.
Intel Core i5 2320 @ $175

Asrock H61M U3S3 @ $70

Gigabyte Radeon HD6850 @ $160 ($140 after mail in rebate)

Mushkin 2x4GB 1333MHz @ $38 ($33 after mail in rebate)

Corsair CX430 V2 @ $45 ($25 after mail in rebate)

Antec One Hundred @ $50

Windows 7 Home Premium x64 @ $90

DVD Burner @ $17
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  1. HDD or SDD???
  2. I doubt that the FX-4100 would not be able to handle SC2.
  3. samuelspark said:
    i5 > faildozer

    The build the OP made will be fine as SC2 is extremely CPU dependent in 1v1.

    Just because BD wont work as well on the more intensive games doesnt mean that it wont do good on the less intensive games. All of us who give advice on the boards know that i5 can beat the crap out of AMD any day of the week on most games. I advise you to look more into the BD and stop being band wagoner. There hasnt been a review out of the 4100 yet, that also means that you cant count it out of the race even though the 8 core flopped.
  4. There was a review of the FX-8100 with two modules disable to get an FX-4100. It did worse than phenom.
  5. Still its an 8100 being used to get a "standard" of what the 4100 may possibly look like there could still be difference when using a true FX-4100
  6. Little difference price between CPU+Mobo+memory from AMD and INTEL.
    Saying this I would stick with the i5 cause it already proved that's more than capable force in gaming area. (since we lack FX-4100 benchmarks)
  7. get the ASRock Z68 gen3 there should be one on newegg for like $150 that will do
  8. Yep that will do great
  9. so this is the final build is it ok??? i will buy the hard drive and the cd/dvd the first build is better than this one?
  10. Only 4GB RAM is needed. use the extra $20 for an i5 2500k and overclock it for fluid smooth gameplay.
  11. I cant see those pages due to it needs an account info
  12. 1st one will do great compared to the 2nd one
  13. this is another case I would like to show you same price as yours
  14. ok so the first one i will build, also i will change teh case, it looks better the one @emelth show me :)
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