Really need some help with my gpu and power supply

Hey, sorry if my situation seems a bit silly but I really am stuck!

So I just finished building my new gaming pc (my first build ever), in the haf x case with the evga gtx 580
and corsair AX1200 PSU,

However when I power up nothing shows up on the display and I believe this
is because my video card isn't connected properly to the power supply, I have tried using one of the
4 pin PCI-E cables that came with the Psu aswell with the 'Supplemental power adapter' (at the same time) ,which resulted in nothing showing up on the monitor on booting the pc up :(

It may even be that I am not plugging the cables correctly into the PSU,

Could anyone suggest anything to help me out with this? Greatly appreciated
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  1. You should have 2 of the 6+2 pin PCIE cables powering the card. As far as i can see on the website the PSU comes with 6 of these power cables.

    Mactronix :)
  2. The video card has one 8 pin slot and one 6 pin, so I tried using two of the 6+2 Pin PCIE cables but it was to no success :( Do the cables need to be plugged into any specific part of the psu? I was using the 4 pin ports just below the 24 pin ATX
  3. 4 pin ports? Acording to the picture of the psu the ports just below the 24 pin mb port are the 8 pin pci-e ports for the cables that came with that ps , one end has an 8 pin connector and the other end has a split connector where you can plug in one part with 6 pins and the other part with 8 pins. The actual end of those connectors are split into two pieces where you can make either two 8 pin connectors or two 6 pin connectors out of the same cable you want to make sure that you are useing one 6 and one 8 from the same cable.
  4. I meant to say 8 pin ports but I said 4 thinking of the fact it was 4 across >___> My bad on that, I really feel silly now lol
  5. usually the PCIe power plugs from the PSU will also be a different colour than the rest of the plugs,, red or something.. also should be keyed NOT to fit in the wrong plug,, look for the 6 pin and the 6+2 pin plugs
  6. Something I should also mention is that when I boot up everything runs and then powers down after several seconds, then back on and remains on?
  7. check to make sure you have everything plugged in
  8. Kingjosh1876 said:
    The video card has one 8 pin slot and one 6 pin, so I tried using two of the 6+2 Pin PCIE cables but it was to no success :( Do the cables need to be plugged into any specific part of the psu? I was using the 4 pin ports just below the 24 pin ATX

    The ports which are labeled as 6+2 PCIE are 8 pin sockets not 4 im a little confused now, there are no 4 pin ports on a AX1200.

    The best thing to do is take a step back and go through every thing methodically.
    leave the side off the PC so you can see whats going on.
    When you press the power button do all the fans spin up, CPU and GPU ? Do you have the power cable correctly plugged into the motherboard ? Can you hear the Hard drive start up ?
    When i say every thing i mean right down to have you connected the Monitor to the PC correctly and is it in turn plugged in and turned on.
    I'm not trying to insult you im sure you have all this done fine but a couple of minutes to check the obvious can pay dividends.
    Check everything is seated in its relevant slots correctly.
    Try using different power leads and or sockets on the PSU in case you have been unlucky enough to get sent a faulty one.

    Mactronix :)
  9. I have had that problem now and then and what I found was the motherboard wires with backwards on now aligned from the PS properly(vertical instead of horizontal or vice versa).Also if it's powering down something is not hooked up correctly,usually a PS failure means it does not work at all,not intermittantly.Also are you getting a post on your monitors?if so does everything show correctly that is installed?If HD isn't installed that could mean instant shutdown or memory not seated properly.Any beeps at all?:)
  10. I'm not sure what you mean about the motherboard wires being aligned properly, and nothing at all shows up on the monitor it just stays black and says no signal if I turn it off and back on...

    Also there were no beeps or anything, the only noise was the fans and everything powering up...

    And regards to what you said Mactronix; when I said 4 pin sockets I did actually mean the 8 pin sockets below the 24 pin socket, I was just looking at it cross ways at that moment for some reason.. -_-

    All of the fans were spinning on everything, I looked and the monitor is definitely plugged in correctly, I have tested two different monitors they for 100% work on my other pc.
  11. Ok so can you try using the graphics card out of the other PC and seeing if that works ?

    Mactronix :)
  12. My current pc is using onboard, so I cant really do that but I can try putting the 580 in it?
  13. I have fixed the issue now, the problem was actually related to the Ram cards, I believed them to be installed correctly but seemingly I needed to apply a lot more force, once they had gone in everything was perfect :)
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