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Currently in the process of upgrading my PC. Almost have everything, just have a quick question about the Memory speeds.

Does it matter if you have different sticks of RAM in your PC that run at a different speed? I currently have some off brand, Geil which is 1600MHz (PC3 12800) They're two 2 gig sticks. I'm going to buy two 4 gig sticks, my mobo has 4 slots, so should I buy the same speed of RAM or will it matter if I get faster RAM?

Also I don't plan on over clocking my RAM, so is it important to have heat sinks / heat spreaders on the RAM?

I already checked to see if the RAM kit I bought before was still in stock and that doesn't seem to be the case. So I cannot buy identical RAM.
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    Geil is not what I would classify as an 'off brand'. That being said, your best bet for compatability (ram sometimes doesn't like other ram - even of the same brand and model which is why there are matched kits) is to find the same specs; speed, timings, voltage (even if of a different manufacturer). If you do purchase ram at a different speed/timings and they do work together, they will work at the slower speed/timings. Best to buy an 8GB kit so you will ensure compatability.
  2. Really, I never heard of Geil, I just got it as a gift a couple years ago. But yeah that's what I expected, sadly the the Geil Value Plus, which is was I have has been discontinued. So I will probably end up buying 8 gigs. Thanks for the help
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