$300 Build-Yikes! I know...

I have looked through recent posts and did not see anyone on a budget anywhere near mine.

I have built several rigs in the socket 462 era, but lost touch with performance and specs since then; before SLI and crossfire. Catching up appears a bit overwhelming at this point.

My research reveals that Intel CPUs are now outperforming AMD CPUs. I have never built an Intel due to the higher cost. I would now, as always, sacrifice SOME performance to save money with the AMD CPU despite Intels currently outperforming AMD. However, I am open to hearing from the expert arguments for Intel. Back in the day we got both performance and price with AMD.

Location: USA

Order Date: Within next 15 Days.

Current rig:
AMD Athlon XP2000+, Geforce 3 Ti500 (64mb), 80GB ATA, 1.25 GB PC3200, MSI motherboard (KT4AV-L) and 17" LCD Syncmaster 710n. :(

Intended use:
Mild gaming titles (50%), elementary video editing (10%), internet and word processing (40%.) I would love to play my COH maxed out, but not disillusioned expecting to play any recent releases with 50+FPS maxed out.

1. Reading other posts it appears that I might have to be torn from my old favorite AMD CPUs and go with Intel to get the performance. Is this true?

I guess that is the first and most determinative question before I get to the building. I have been looking at the AMD A4 v. Phenom II X4 and cannot even decide which of these are the better choice at this point for me and my budget.

Recycling parts:
1. 256mb Geforce 6600 (Temporarily to ease the upgrade costs initially; will upgrade this later when more affordable).
2. 17" LCD Syncmaster 710n
4. Possible 80GB PATA HD (really don't want to keep this)

Things I would like to incorporatein the build:
1. MoBo with SLI or Crossfire ability that I might later use, USB 3.0 and SATA 6.0 ability.
2. Built-in Video-I always like to have this as a backup.
3. 500GB SATA HD-might consider a 32GB SD to reallocate some funds to other parts if best for now since it would be half the cost.
4. Really any inexpensive mid-tower.
5. 4GBx1 DDR1600

I have been adding parts to me ebay cart, newegg cart and tigerdirect cart to the point of exhaustion.

Console gaming is just not the same.

Grateful for any input on this project! :hello:
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  1. Show us one of your wish lists.
  2. I was thinking this one with an Athlon II X4


    this one with the A4.

    but maybe dump the HD in the kits and get a cheaper SSD using my 250GB PATA from modded XBOX 1 for storage temporarily.
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    If you have $300 without the GPU I suggest ASRock 970 Extreme4 (it has SLI support), coupled with a Phenom II X4 and 2x4 GB RAM. That's pretty much the best value for money AMD has to offer.
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