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On an older motherboard I have (Foxxconn LS-36 Rev A00), I have an unkown PCI slot. The board has three expansion slots, one AGP, one Traditional PCI, and then an unknown one right beside of it. It looks IDENTICAL to the PCI one, except where on a normal PCI, it has that ~2CM long section at the top, it has two. So it kind of looks like this/ (Incoming Incredible Text Recreation)


Where the Normal PCI slot would look like this.


I apologize for having no actual pictures, my camera broke, and my new one hasn't arrived yet, and I have found no pictures online of this slot, or the motherboard for that matter. Any help is appreciated.
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  1. I can't tell from the pictures I can see of that MB, but it is either a 64-bit PCI Slot, or a PCI X (PCI eXtended) slot.
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