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Toshiba laptop disassembly

I have a Toshiba Satellite A45-S120 that is a my back-up laptop. How much of it do i need to disassemble to reach the cooling fan and the RTC battery? The fan sometimes doesn't work. The RTC is working, but I think it will need replacing sometime soon. And are there replacement hinges? i need to prop the lid open because the hinges are broken/worn.
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  1. Ebay could be your friend in this case.

    Also, for the hinges, you can ask these guys. They seem to be able to get anything.
  2. Thanks. Went to the link but haven't been able to find dis assembly instructions yet. I guess the answer is just to keep removing screws until there are no more, and then figure out why the case doesn't split. And the hinges don't appear anywhere. Maybe I need to buy a non-working unit on e-Bay and experiment on that and salvage the hinges. On the other hand a pair of brass hinges might be a nice touch . . . .
  3. You need to call the people I referred you to and ask them about the hinges. They don't list them, but they say they can get any parts.
  4. Got it. Thanks. It's too good a product to simply cast off.
  5. Actually, the really important thing I need is help in accessing the RTC battery and the cooling fan for the hard drive. The hinges aren't important if I can't deal with the other two items first.
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  8. Just what ik needed. Thanks. Great help.
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