BIOS boots but not HDD

Here is my HDD

And here is my MOBO

The motherboard logo appears first, which lets me enter the bios. However if I let the logo load it goes to a black screen then the logo appears again. It will repeat this over and over.

My HDD is detected in the BIOS and is first in the load order.
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  1. Hi :)

    Has your hard drive GOT an operating system on it ?

    All the best Brett :)
  2. yes it does, it was the same hard drive i was using before the upgraded parts.
  3. darthbored said:
    yes it does, it was the same hard drive i was using before the upgraded parts.

    Hi :)

    Did you CHANGE the motherboard ?

    All the best Brett :)
  4. There you go, you'll need to install new os from usb or dvd drive, the original os has the knowledge of the old motherboard chipset and cannot boot with the new mobo chipset.
  5. This actually shouldn't matter. I've taken HDs out of one computer and put them into another and they'll boot just fine. Should have nothing to do with booting. Granted, you'll have to install new drivers and things might look and act terrible until you do, that shouldn't stop you from booting. Windows will just load generic drivers for it, same as it does when you first install it.

    Sounds like a windows crash is happening though at the beginning of the startup process for whatever reason. I guess I shouldn't assume you're running windows, what OS and what version of said OS are you running?

    And if I may ask, why did you replace the motherboard to begin with? Was the last one faulty? is this just an upgrade?
  6. im running windows 7 and i needed a new mobo to be compatible with my new gpu and cpu. i cant even get into my HD to reinstall windows... i can boot from the win7 disk but even then it says i cant do anything with my HDD "reason unknown".
  7. check that the sata cable on the right port.if the drive is on an intel port it should show up in the bios. if it on a non intel port the port may be turned off in bios.
  8. it shows up in the BIOS perfectly fine. i even got it to go to the desktop after a fresh reformat and win7 installation, however it instantly restarted itself and went through the same process noted before (mobo logo then black screen repeated ad nauseum)
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