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Is the Corsair AX850 850w psu enough to run the following stuff (peak not idle)

I7 2700k
MSI gtx580 Lightning XE x2 (3gb cards)
Asus P8Z68 Deluxe Gen3


Is the above psu capable of running this system if the 2700k were oc'd to 4.8ghz or even 5ghz?
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  1. Well, the system consumes 719W @ full load with i7 965 OCed @ 3.7, so the PSU should handle all just fine even with CPU OCed to 4.8.

    But better upgrade to a 900-950W SPu if you don't want to push your PSU to limits and have more headroom for OCing your GPUs.
  2. Just to enlight this topic.
    From slizone (nvidia website) I just checked that for a 2x GTX 580 setup only 3 PSU from Corsair are validated:
    AX1200, HX1000, TX950

    This doesn't mean that the AX850 wouldn't support it, but looking this I would recommend a 1000W PSU since u gonna get into some serious OClocking
  3. @vitornob, nVidia & AMD recommends higher wattage than needed to cover some certain stuff no need to be explained. But the fact that a high end system with a single GTX 580 draws about 470W. and test systems showed a maximum of 700W consumed in full load.

    But you're right about OCing, if the OP will do some extreme OCing then a 900W is the best choice
  4. @ilysaml
    Agreed 100% with ur explanation. And I know that the recommended wattage is 'oversized' (through I would prefer that they cover not the PSU wattage, but the 12v rail PSU wattage, it would be more precise).

    For some PRETTY intensive app (burn-in tests) I saw 777w power consumption from SLI GTX 580 stocked cards in a i7 920 @3,33ghz (anandtech)

    - Maybe 60+ A in 12v rail (preferable in 1 rail only and 522W VGA SLI + 150W CPU) should do the trick?

    Saying, just checked that the AX 850 can deliver 70A @12v, the AX850 SHOULD work fine so.. but even this way I would change the PSU for a bit beefier one, like ilysaml said, a 900w+ PSU (since it can deliver almost all the power in 12v)
  5. Well I am fairly adament on a gold rated corsair psu which leaves me with the ax850 or the ax1200. newegg is sold out of the 1200 and its expensive and its way way way more than i need. Through my research I deduced that the 850 would be enough but that it would be very close which is why I came here. Some websites can be vague about their power consumption figures. Two 580's should eat up around 450w. I searched for the mobo and the processor and saw that the 2700k can eat up almost 300w when overclocked. I dont know if that was the mobo and cpu or just the cpu or mobo, cpu, and gpu. Just wanted to be sure. Think i'll go with the 850 and if its not enough (if the corsair h100 liquid cooler cant keep the 2700k below 80c at 5ghz) then i'll pay to restock it and get the 1200 when it comes back in stock.
  6. Get This PSU.

    1 GTX 580 eat 450W not 2, or you mean 450W for the GPUs only not the whole system.
    Any high end CPU draws about 125-140W when overclocked, and thw 2700K is 32nm i guess it draws lower than that, not sure what you're saying.
  7. If you want to objectively, accurately and scientifically determine what PSU power is required for your Vid card and PC in both watts and 12v rail amps., the forum Utility link below will show you how easy it is to calculate this information and objectively determine which PSUs are quality built, reliable PSUs that can meet your needs. Be advised that the available 12v rail amps. is just as important as the total PSU wattage. You need both to be correct.

    The SBM $2k had i7-2600k + 2x580. You can see stock as well as OC power consumption. As well as cpu, gpu, or combined consumption. I believe these are off the socket readings so you have to take account of psu efficiency vs actual consumption.
  9. I can't find a review on the MSI Lightning XE but this shows two Asus DCUII's eating just under 450w. Please correct me if I am misunderstanding something.

    The 2700k appears to use only a couple of watts more than the 2600k but can be overclocked higher. I doubt i'll try for higher than 4.8ghz.

    The Corsair psu has a single 12v rail.
  10. They are eating 450W (The GPUs) but the GPUs + the rest comonents (CPU+RAM+MOBO OCed) eating about 275W

    1 Single 12V rail doesn't matter as long as it has the enough AMPs, and the one i linked is better than the Corsair and has plenty of wattage.
  11. Lovely psu but it's white. Everything in my case is black and blue :/
    Aesthetics are extremely important to me
    Brand is extremely important to me
    Everything is Asus/Corsair. The only thing that isn't are the gpu's and the only reason I allowed the MSI's is because they still match, they're dual slot instead of triple slot, and they're 3gb.
  12. NZXT one of the top bests PSUs in the world. IF color matters, i don't know any quality branded 1000W black PSU.
  13. If you want more than 850w how about the seasonic platinum 1000w.
  14. I felt I should clarify that I will not be OC'ing the GPU's at all. The lightning XE's will be left at stock factory oc settings. Why get lightning xe's for a single monitor setup at all then? For the looks and for the epeen my friends. Also I play Total War Shogun 2 which is one of two games currently out that might benefit from a 3gb card. So in a year when the next TW title comes out, I will be loving myself.

    850w gold 80+ psu
    I7 2700k 4.6-5ghz
    x2 Msi gtx580 lightning xe
    p8z68 deluxe gen3

    Enough watts yes?
  15. Best answer
    Yes, just like my original post, the $2k build (2600k+2x580) uses a 850w psu.
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  17. Thank ya sir. Newegg has deactivated the lightning xe's so I might have to bight the bullet and get em at tigerdirect now (FL resident so $90 in tax for the pair)
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