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I recently built a PC (specs are in the signature) and frequently when I turn it on it will shut down and restart a few times. It seems random. I've installed a fresh OS (7 pro 64 bit) twice and downloaded the drivers off the respective websites. The computer works really well but sometimes I'll cut it off and then when I cut it on it will load up and go through the normal process. Sometimes it will list the disks and bam, reboot. Sometimes it will say "Loading windows" and bam, reboot. It has plagued me even after installing different OS's and so on.

There isn't a performance issue but it's just irritating that the computer does this. How do I fix it?
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  1. Try a BIOS update? Usually random reboots are PSU issues, but Corsair is a fairly reliable company.
  2. I went with the Corsair TX750 over a larger watt + modular PSU because of Corsair's quality and reputation and I am extremely satisfied with the PSU so far. That being said, I think I have narrowed down the problem.

    A while back someone suggested that my memory might have issues and suggested I run "Memtest". I did and got no errors. I think he was on the right track though because I believe that the problem lies in the memory.

    My ram is 16gb of Kingston HyperX ram. Pretty good quality stuff. I just recently realized that it's single channel ram though. Perhaps the issue comes when I use 4 sticks of single channel? I pulled out all the ram but one stick and restarted and voila, no boot loop. I pulled out the power cord after shutting down again (this usually initiates the boot loop after it's been unplugged and replugged) and again, no issues.

    So it seems to be the ram that is causing the boot loop. Also, I noticed that the boot loop would happen usually at an exact time during boot up. The computer loads the disks and right when it goes down the list (i.e. 1. boot disk, 2. HDD) then bam, restart. I believe that when the computer loads the disks and OS onto the ram, that triggers the error due to the memory perhaps being single channel?

    Perhaps since it's all single channel there is some confusion on which stick to load it to and that's why it reboots? Does anyone have experience with this issue and can shed some light on this? Please let me know, thanks.
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