Sabertooth 990FX RAID 0, Installing windows 7

Hi so i have 2 SSD that I wanted to raid together I followed the instructions and it says the drives were functional, but when I go and install windows 7 none of my drives show up. Even the ones I didn't raid. I tried contacting ASUS support but it was an entire 2 hours of nothing. Might I note used the drives before in another computer that were set up in RAID 0 fine, and yes I did format the drives before putting it into my new build. HELP!
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  1. When you get to the Install Screen that shows - well doesn't show the drives you have to click on the button I believe is called drivers or something of that nature. Kind of bottom right. You must have your MB driver disk in the drive. Browse to your RAID folder and select the correct drivers. Doing that will load the drivers and bam you will see your drives. Please note - setting the BIOS to Raid and actually going into your RAID ROM to setup the two drives is a MUST first.
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