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I realized that my motherboard can only run 2x4gbs and not 1x8gb. I was planning on replacing it but for now would I be able to run it anyway? Would it work and recognize only 4gbs or would it not work at all. My motherboard is asus m5a 78l-m lx and my ram is kingston 1x8gb DDR3 1600 mhz. Thanks for the help
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    this is the 8 gig module this board support but remind that it was made to work dual channel so only one stick the system will work in single channel ,also you will have to install the latest bios version 1502 for memory compatibility and cpu stability before putting the 8 gig stick in
  2. Hi, I just realized I have the m5a 78l-m lx PLUS. Do I still do the same thing? my ram is not listed there so will it not work at all? Does working in the single channel mean I won't use all the ram or what? thanks for you help.
  3. go to the ram maker of that 8 gig module and use the ram finder or something similar to se if they list it with your motherboard they could have a more complete list of ram tested on this board,this on wiki for single or dual
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