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when i try to open video files,windows explorer has stopped working message appear. no matter what program i open video files in i get "windows explorer has stopped working" before i can even open any videos it doesn't matter where, what type, program, the video file is in this error happens, i tried WMP11, media player classic homecinema & VLC media player, how do i stop this from happening, i kinda miss my video files, because this error keeps preventing me from opening any of them.plis guys help me.. :(
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  1. This is caused by corrupted mp4 files, or corrupt, bad not updated codecs. Suggest checking the videos you are trying to run to make sure they are not corrupted. also suggest updating codecs.
  2. I've had the same problem. It is not corrupt video files a it appens on every video file including Hulu TV, comcast web page, you tube ,,, u name it, they don't work. I get the nfamous "Internet Explorer has stopped working". I only have 2 add-ons, my wireless printer and Password1. I have tried disabling them but I still can't run a video. I have a 6 month old Dell all in one with Win 7 nd IE9. At one time I used to be able to see video on this computer but no more. What else can I try. Yes, the video drivers are current.
  3. update your codecs
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