HP Pavilion Upgrade to a 6850 viable?

Hi all,
I have an HP Pavilion a6750f and I am looking to upgrade from the Radeon HD 3200 it uses. The processor is an AMD Phenom 9650 Quad-core 2.30 GHz and I believe it uses a 300W power supply.

My questions are would a Radeon HD 6850 fit/work well in my computer? Would my processor bottleneck the performance? What size power supply would I need to upgrade to?

Any input would be appreciated, Thank You!
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  1. with a 300w PSU I would only recommend the HD 6670
    as far as PSU upgrade what is your budget?
    also is the tower a full size or a slimline?
    full size is about 7.5 inches wide
    if it a full size then usually a ATX supply should fit
    Antec.Seasonic.XFX.Corsair are the "Big Four" of powersupplies
    if you can measure your PSU from the back in relation to power plug inlet or post pics that would help
  2. I didnt even think of the physical size, yea I believe it is full size but I can measure tomorrow.
    My budget for card and power supply is ideally around $200 - $250.

    What wattage would I need to power a 6850?

    Thanks for the response
  3. i like this psu on the budget side
    johnnyguru recommended and will run a HD 6850

    then this is the best of the cheaper hd6850s

    it is a little over your budget but worth it if you can afford it
    and newegg is available

    do remember that the hd 6850 is a dual slot design and you need the slot open next to the pcie
  4. The power supply should definitely fit, I'm not sure about the open slot so I will have to check that. I would guess the airflow isnt the best but maybe I can transfer everything to a different tower.
  5. I have a factory tower also
    and if you pick up a couple of fans with the male-female connector 4 pin molex connector about 80mm size you can usually mount them strategically
    I like to add an extra exhaust and intake
    adding exhaust is usually easy
    adding intake is sometimes trickier
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