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Hi all,
im upgradeing my graphics card from a gtx 460. Ive narrowed it down to either the gtx570 or the hd6970.I dont plan to do any eyefinity stuff. Can any one tell me which one of these cards have the best performance on a 1080p resolution(dx11) with all settings maxed?
Ive looked and looked for the answer to this but some ppl say gtx570 others say the 6970. Cheers
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  1. Try the GTX 560 Ti. That is the card that holds the sweet spot at the moment. I got one a couple of weeks ago to replace my 460 and I have no regrets. Good performance at a good price.
  2. my gtx460 is a super overclock version and is overclocked to 915 core clock atm. From the benchmarks ive run on it and from the ones ive seen on youtube for the gtx560 ti there would be very little difference. More suggestions welcome. Also when will the hd7000 series and gtx600 series be coming out?
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